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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Empower yourself to stay on track and accomplish your goals.

So often we feel tossed about in our lives and not in control of our circumstances. Our world seems to have its way with us and we are just trying our best to survive the best way we can. We don’t get enough sleep, we don’t have enough quality time, and money is often in shorter supply than we would like. We know what we don’t have, but what do we actually want? How do we get it? How do we get out of that whirlwind and back into the drivers seat?The first thing to acknowledge is that perhaps you put too much on your plate to begin with. To have it all in just the right ways for some pay off later in life is alluring, but that desire like the sirens on the deadly rocks at sea calling to you. Without self-regulation and checking your internal compass, it could have disastrous consequences.  Know what your course is and stay on it. Don’t get distracted.

Life sometimes can even feel like you spinning dishes on 10 separate poles and when you are in the zone, all is going well, but if one wobbles and needs more attention, then the time needed to devote to that one spinning plate will throw the timing of the others off, too. Soon enough, there will be some plates on the floor with a lot to clean up. Why choose so many plates? Why not just choose 5 or 7? Maybe having five is perfect for what you can handle. Know your limits.Notice now what’s pulling you. Write a big long list. Stare at it and acknowledge that it all exists and that somehow you put it there in just the ways you did. It’s ok! You put it all there for very good reasons. Let’s look into that concept further.Next, notice why. Sometimes, we get pulled into working more, taking on more responsibility, engaging in more activities because we feel compelled to by some long ago and far away feelings that we want to keep having again.

We Strive for Connection. In effort to remain close with family members and friends we may select participating in activities they did or currently do (or just really enjoy), so we can have a shared experience, or we can feel that their pride or approval of your choices you feel will gain you brownie points (and love) in their eyes. It may do that, but ultimately, don’t you think they will love you still and enjoy you even more when you have chosen to do what makes you happy and sets your soul on fire? Your passion can become their passion. It works both ways!Feeling Safe Feeling Safe. Often people have a hard time experiencing calm and ease. They grew up in a stressful environment, so to keep on with your surviving with those great survival skills acquired, you keep that experience close-at-hand, because that’s all one knows. Whatever you survive you recreate. Once your brain has learned how best so survive the circumstances, why not find just those new experiences to keep being successful? Makes good sense to me, though when you are running ragged as an adult and are having to pay so much attention to so many things, the body will say slow down; by ‘dropping a plate’ by getting sick or having an injury. And then you are worse off and still in survival mode, deeper in debt, not having enough connection with your friends and family because of your recovery…never getting beyond that vicious circle. If only there was a way to re-balance it all and update how you are making those choices. Be assured that there is!

You Own your Own Feelings. You Make Your Own Choices.

No one is responsible for your feelings other than you. Others can try to guilt you, impress the dire consequences of the choice that’s other than what they want you to have, but you are the master of your own universe. You are the sole owner of your body, thoughts, feelings and choices. It’s a great responsibility but there is no one in the world who can take command of it better than you. And when you are sovereign to your experience, then no one can take advantage of you. You keep your power and can take yourself anywhere you want to go. It’s up to you. It always has been. It always will be.You Can Say No.This is a tough one! Because to say no, might mean that you are saying no to opportunities that might never come along again. Sigh. Yes, that is true, but can you really take responsibility saying yes to all that choice? It’s exhausting just thinking about it. If the idea of saying no freaks out your whole system, then consider saying “no, not right now.” Consider saying “I prefer having more quality enjoyment in these few areas.” Consider saying, “I choose me and my happiness. What makes me happy is this… I don’t have to have it all according to someone else. My having it all is this… and that is just fine with me.”

Saying Yes to the Right Things.

Do you need 20 million dollars to be safe and happy? Do you need to be out with friends until 3 am every day? Do you need to make every meal perfect for your children and their friends and have the perfect home? Do you need to work 24/7 to never enjoy what you are working so hard for? When you give to much out there… there’s not enough fire left “in here, and your inner spark weakens. By keeping it stoked and you alive, thriving, energized and happy, that inspiration and energy will catapult everyone else into that stratosphere with you! And then life will be less struggling. It will already be so much easier, more fun and more empowering in more and more moments.

Knowing you already are a Powerhouse of Manifesting Just What You Want.

Imagine this experience: You are already creating just the right steps to make your life less complicated and overwhelming. You are already saying yes to empowering yourself by educating yourself where your skills may be weak. You are already making just the right choices that fit you and your goals alone. You are already experiencing greater ease and happiness by listening to yourself and creating just the right space and time to make your life perfectly, just how you like it.If you need further help to make your life awesome, I’m here to help you get there.

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