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You have braved the world in all the ways you have and gotten to this point, (well done!) but now may need guidance to get you to the next step to have greater ease and happiness in life. Here's the thing, though. You weren't meant to be bogged down.


You may have a phobia or two, chronic illness, stuck patterns in your personal or professional life where you keep sabotaging yourself. You have experienced traumas, persistent grief, have a lackluster love life and/or wealth. The world seems to be against you, and you are not in sync. Things are not lining up how you would like. 


You imagine that the problem is a current one and you go to fix it! You think that you need to change jobs, exit relationships or stay away from family to solve it. And you do any or all of those things, with no change. Nothing is better.

But, I'm here to tell you that that's not where the problem resides. Your solution is not out there, it's in here. It's personal. And it's up to you to make it better.


But how? Where to begin?

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We have been raised to believe that we just have to make the right actions, and then things will change. But you've tried that and that isn't working. The thing is, actions are only a result of something much more important.


We need to shift/update/change our beliefs about ourselves and the world in order to make the actions more automatic and cohesive.

The reason we don't change (or haven't been able to change yet) is because we don't know what the root sources of our experiences are. And we haven't been able to think of new ways of doing things because the old solutions worked and we will keep using them until something better comes along.

Seriously, it's not about forcing change, it's about making the environment suitable to allow your system to say YES! to finding a new way of being.

It's like this: if you don't like eating green beans, but someone says you need to eat them to grow big and strong, you can force yourself to eat green beans and hate every minute of it. OR! you can figure out why you don't like eating green beans, or even better: figure out why you are listening to someone who says green beans are the only way to grow big and strong.

We need to find out the root causes of your current experience, what belief systems you installed long ago and far away, and then see what better offer your system likes. We will only do something if we like it, if there is a good enough reward to it. Then change is EASY! and permanent.

What we survive we recreate and keep experiencing the same old frustrating experiences until we shift internally towards a new goal, while letting the old stuck patterns go safely and with acknowledgement of the best choices made long ago.


So, the choice (as always) is yours. You can keep employing the same patterns and getting the same result, or you can go deeper, do the necessary work and make the shifts to create a happier, more awesome life for yourself. And I will help you every step of the way.

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If you could have anything in the world, what would you like?
Now, let's go and make it happen

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