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Set up your new year with better success than before. This helps get to the root of the problems, so you don't self sabotage unknowingly!


What stops you is directly tied into why you are not getting what you would like. Use this worksheet to help point the finger to the underlying causes. Then call me for a session to flush it out and help make your experience better.



Use this chart to document your daily activities to learn how you operate. Use it for a whole week to notice patterns in your life. Make adjustments as needed to make your life more successful and happy.

Brain Integration Institute:

A great resource for integrating your experience. My colleagues and I have put this together to increase awareness and help those improve their experience in amazing ways.

Ghost Removal and Energetic Clearings:

My colleagues and I created this site specifically to help those who have need of removing those things that go bump in the night.

NLP Marin:

The very best in NLP training that takes you far beyond the other schools in the country. Carl Bucheit and his team are solid and amazing. This is where I got my training.


Introspective Photography Classes:

Reverend Lisa J. Winston has amazing insight and wisdom to share and inspire within you.


Sonoma Ashram:  

An oasis of stillness; spiritual, non-demonational. Harihar Ramji, or Babaji is a wonderful guide into stillness and seeing with the heart.


Nine Gates Mystery School:

A very unique school that is held in two 10 day sessions.  What an eye opening and soul awakening experience.



I have read all the below and found them eye opening and helpful for understanding myself and the world a bit better. Enjoy!​

Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual

William J. Baldwin and Edith Fiore

Acknowledging What Is: Conversations with Bert Hellinger

Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment

Jed McKenna

Do you want to really get to enlightenment?  He doesn't beat around the bush and if you follow his advice... You get there. Simple Clean Beautiful.


Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior:

David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD.

I Am That: Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Many stories sharing the same message of who you truly are in a beautiful gentle way.

A Course in Miracles

Dr. Helen Schucman

A guide in moving through what is holding you back with Christianity as the backdrop.


The Pain Companion

Sarah Shockley​

Many Lives, Many Masters

Brian J. Weiss, M.D.

A true account of a psychiatrists client who had many phobias and got more than he anticipated and expanded our knowledge of what truly influences us.


Saved by the Light

Danion Brinkley

A life-altering experience proved so powerful he came back from the light changed in more ways than one.

I also went to a lecture of his years ago and found him to truly be psychic like he has claimed.  He is quite an individual!


A Child of Eternity

Adriana Rocha

A child and her mother grow together as they learn to communicate beyond words, and through a typewriter. Her daughter had trauma and memories in the womb and shares them with the world.

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