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My quest for the right tools began as a young child when a childhood trauma knocked on my door.  Without the resources and support I needed (let alone identify), it took a long time to heal. I went through  my own pain, depression, frustration, and only once I found these particular tools as an adult did relief finally come my way.  And not only did the relief come but finally I had excitement for the future. Why did it take so long? 


Because I realized that after a long time in talk therapy, I started to spin my wheels. I wasn't moving through and beyond my pain like I needed and wanted.  I also learned that I couldn't change other people, that I had to change my own beliefs and experience.  That's the only thing we have control over, and all that really matters, right? We want to have a better experience.  And our experience on this earth, as I have learned, is a many layered thing. 


From Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to Family Soul Constellations and Huna, I have learned these tools address the many layers that shape our experience in every moment.  I have a master practitioner certification from NLP Marin, a Family Soul Constellations facilitator certification and was initiated into Huna by Kahuna Mark Saito in Hawaii and studied Huna with him over the span of 3 years.


Please join me in learning how to take even more control of your life and make your experience better than ever.


Sometimes there are forces greater than ourselves, and sometimes those forces can make a mess of a family.  Often when a trauma has occured upstream in the family and has not resolved, the younger generations can come in and grab onto that stuck energy to heal it, in effort to say "I love you."  What a wonderful gesture! All the while, it is actually wreaking havoc on themselves and their families: and doesn't actually heal the original problem.


Constellations are a great basis to assist in clearing out other parts of our lives, not only stuck family energy, but  entities, soul fragments, vows, curses and more.  Discovered and expanded by Burt Hellinger, a psychoanalist in Germany, this system has an amazing way of teasing apart what's stuck and offers a resolution to the system. Like ripples in a pond, the resolution allows greater healing to take place.


This can be done remotely, across Skype and the phone.  Throughout the time I have worked with this system, I have found that the applications of this technique are endless and I am always looking to expand its uses.



If you are also looking for help in not only your spirit but giving your space a re-design or an energetic boost, please go to for more information.




What if something could shift inside you that end up opening a world of opportunities that you never thought possible?


NLP can help you change your current thinking and your relating to yourself and others. When you are able to shift your thinking, what you desire in life becomes more available to you.  When we start to see that something is stuck in our lives, it’s tough to ever know what needs to change because we are knee deep in it all.  It can feel overwhelming, and NLP can bring clarity to your thoughts and allow shifts to occur.





Huna is a traditional Hawaiian way of healing. It is a way of seeing and being that is gentle and loving to all around.  There is no pushing, only gently uncovering the truth with that which is out there and within our minds and bodies.  It is understood that we possess all the knowledge we need to heal, but we need to look at it and see it more clearly.


In Hawaiian tradition, it is typical for someone who is sick or hurt to ask “Why did you hurt yourself?”  I’m sure you are asking: What do you mean, why?  It was an accident… It just happened to me. I didn’t cause this! I was just minding my business and BAM that guy just ran into me and here I am in this state. What a serious bummer.” On the surface, yes, that is true, and it IS a serious bummer.


Haven’t you ever wondered, “How did I get to JUST that place and JUST that time to have JUST that perfect experience in which I was hurt.  Of ALL the possible outcomes… THAT one was the one experienced.  How in the world does THAT happen?!?”  How in the world, indeed? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? 


So, what IS going on here? And why am I having the same sorts of experiences over and over again? Do I have to keep having this lot in life?!? The answer is, No, you don’t.  You CAN shift your experiences and your relationship to them. 


If you start of ask the questions… you might start to see the surface story and then scratch a bit deeper, ask some more questions, and you might to see some recurring patterns and then you get to the ROOT CAUSE of what is going on.  You may be very surprised at just how those systems and patterns are being created within you and outside of you. As you uncover and acknowledge the root cause, you can then start the healing process. 


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