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Finding Balance with Keiki Dreamtime

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

For those who have had the opportunity to listen to the podcast with Ashley Lee this week (Jan 18, 2018) here is the guided meditation I shared with you. For a full viewing of the podcast :

This meditation is intended to help guide your child into finding greater calm, mastery and more resources to handle what comes their way.

Do this before bed, or first thing in the morning, or when the child is really stressed, to help your child get back into balance. (5 minutes or so is the timing.) Talk to the child as see what he/she wants to resolve or feel better about. Chat about it so you understand and they understand how they want to experience that situation better. What would you like to know/experience that you currently don’t? (we can’t change the rest of the world, but we can change and better ourselves.)

Have the child close their eyes, sit or lie down and say this: Listen to the sound of my voice. (speak slowly, calmly and with gentle authority) Let the rest of the world just fade away, dial down your awareness of it all, and begin to focus solely on your body. That’s right.

Take a few deep breaths into all crevices of yourself. Calm all parts of the body (give some examples here. Toes, legs, hips, back, belly, fingers, arms, shoulders, neck head, eyes, cheeks. Breathe in and relax all parts. Let them know that they are ok.

Now, imagine that it is just you walking down a mist filled path. Feel the ground beneath you. Notice the calm mist holding you safe and guiding you to the stairs just ahead. You notice that the 5 steps are leading you down to a boat floating at the edge of the gentle river. Each step you go down, the more relaxed you will become. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. (slow and deepen your voice each step.) You walk towards the boat that is just for you. And as you get to the boat, you step inside and get comfortable in the middle seat. The person in front, guiding the boat, is your highest self. Your highest self, the one is connected with all across space and time and will help guide you and show you just what you need to know at this time for your (conflict). You are safe and loved in all the right ways.

As you pull away from the edge of the bank, the sides of the river slowly fade away from your awareness and you are floating gently down the river. Keep in your awareness what you want to know/experience and let your highest self know (send that forward) Keep breathing calmly in and out.

As you float down the river you notice a bridge you will go under. There will be helpful people on the bridge that you may sense or see, here just for you. (maybe you say angels or guides) These people/beings on the bridge have only your best interests at heart, your highest self says, and will help clear you of all entities attached, non attached, negatively influencing you across space and time, so you are just you, in perfect balance and harmony. Now, imagine going under that bridge when you are ready, and being washed of all that is not you, that no longer serves you. Doesn’t that feel better? Breathe in that perfect balance and harmony you now have and just keep being guided down the river. Thank them for their assistance.

The next bridge will have more helpful people above, here just for you, and will send you just the right resources (maybe teachers, or ancestors, someone else you look up to) to help you with your conflict. Perhaps they will give you another emotion that is more useful, or a color, or perspective, or symbol or object. Whatever it is, even if you don’t recognize just what it is, know that somehow parts of you know just what to do with what you were given. Breathe that in as you go under the bridge. Thank them for their help.

The last bridge will have people/beings on their to help you get in touch with all else that is needed for you to be able to feel more masterful about your experience/conflict, that maybe it is no longer a conflict, but an experience that you now know just how to feel and be in. Go under this bridge and imagine taking just the right things for you. Thank them. As the boat floats down, you begin to notice the mist thinning, and you then move to the edge of the river. You dock and get out of the boat, feeling more empowered and balanced. Ahead there are 5 steps leading up to the world again. As you step up each step, the more you will become aware of your body and other senses. Feeling calm, relaxed and in perfect harmony with yourself and the world. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. (brighten your tone) Begin to notice the world around you again…

Open your eyes, wiggle your fingers, toes. Find your butt (be silly even here), fully present, here and now. Take a deep breathe. Ah. Welcome back!

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