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Experiencing the Power of Thank You

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

I think we often underestimate the impact we have on others. Whether we use our words and actions harshly or gently, we make an impression, don’t you think?

It might be difficult to imagine that we are as powerful as we are to actually affect someone else’s experience, but I’m here to tell you that we do. We ARE that powerful and although that may seem scary, this fact is actually a good thing! It means that we are important, that we matter, that we affect change, that we are an integral part of other’s experiences. And if that gets you heading for the hills in fear, let’s see if we can flush out that trepidation, root you into the ground, face forward with happiness and ease and allow you to use your voice, or even pen a bit more, for the greater good. (And hello...that greater good is you!) 📷

We often stifle those thank you’s, and they remain in our throat and stuck in our psyche. Even, we become regretful over time at our lack of action despite it being such. A. Simple. Thing! No doubt it is not due to the lack of manners that you haven’t said Thank You, but because of a fear of being seen, of connecting, of reaching out. And that’s ok! We all have our fears, but it is so important to acknowledge them and then get brave and say it. I mean, what have you got to lose? 2 words, ½ a second. And if you are writing it, it takes less than 5 minutes and a nifty stamp. Surely you can muster up that courage and with a smile say thank you. It does so many things, not only for you but for the receiver. What a gift!

What stops you from saying #thankyou or writing and sending a note? It's fear, my friend, plain and simple, but experienced in a very complicated way and almost invisible to you. If it wasn't then you would have probably been able to fix it by now. So, if you don't like saying thank you, what stops you? What would you lose of value if you said it? Who would be negatively affected if you did? Ask those questions and challenge your thoughts. And then go back to the time when those thoughts were created and have a heart to heart with that younger version of you. Flush it all out and say thank you to that little one protecting you from opening up, reaching out, connecting in just the right ways with the right people who you like, appreciate and love and even could like or love in the future. And once you reconcile and heal that past, the world is your oyster, my friend.

Being connected with others IS powerful, it IS strong, it IS amazing, and a very pleasant place to be. And when you can be in that space of being more whole, connected, at peace, you are making it easier for others to be the same, and for them to offer gratitude to the world. Being your whole and complete you is the gift that keeps on giving. #Awesome.

To give your Thank You bone a kickstart, I invite you to get thank you cards and write 3 a day, for two weeks. That's 42 thank you's! You might be amazed at the results; how you have opened up, let people in, and let other's know how important they are. For ease of this process, I invite you to go to to order a beautiful set of 42 cards and envelopes. I have created some great sets that might appeal to you. Enjoy!

To learn more on how to create greater ease and gratitude in your life, sign up for a free 30 minute consultation with me.


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