How writing a little note can create big changes in how you experience the world



It all began when we were guiding our nephew into college.  After I had helped him half a day on budgets, my husband asked him to send a thank you note for my assistance.  He did and we quickly realised his short note could use a little help.


Our challenge to him was to write three thank you notes a day for two weeks.  Not only did he learn to write a great thank you note he learned something infinitely more valuable. He learned to be able to open up and to connect more with others. He surprised us by learning more about himself and the world by doing it. Because of his amazing experience, I offer this challenge to you. How will you be changed by writing a note?


All you have to do is write three thank you notes every day to different people for two weeks. Mail the three you wrote for that day every morning.

Write 3 Thank You Notes. 
Every Day.
For 2 Weeks.


Notice how

your world changes!

About Meredith

Do you know what symbolizes transformation? Dragonflies. My favorite insect and that's my greatest passion. Transformation and empowerment. I have had to transform myself through my own childhood trauma and outdated belief systems. I want others to experience that, too, greater ease and happiness. It is no fun being stuck and frustrated. I have found great tools that helped me and I want to share them with you to help you get through to a better place.


Dream big, hold on tight, and keep your heart open wide!


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