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Change Your Life Instantly with Transformational NLP



Do You Want to Finally Blast Beyond the Obstacles in Your Life?

And Create Greater Happiness Around You?

Have you ever noticed how often life just puts those road blocks up and says NO when you are just getting traction to finally experience something good?


Have you ever had such toxicity surrounding you by family and friends, that you finally have realized that this is not the place to be! But you don't know if there is a better option?


Have you experienced childhood trauma that keeps you isolated, lonely and in trauma daily? You've tried therapists but it's working too slowly or not at all. You are in turmoil and in conflict, not able to get out of the spinning thoughts?


Do you find yourself in a job that is lackluster, but you really want something better in your life where you feel alive, focused, empowered and making a difference?

You Feel the Universe is
Working Against You...

You know you are a good person, smart and hardworking but NOTHING is getting better and somehow feels worse, because you thought you would have accomplished more in life by now You can't seem to reach your goals!


Your past friends and family were so negative. They stressed you out and made you feel badly and frustrated. Time to give them the boot. The grass must be greener somewhere else, you think. But then after a while, you begin to realize that you still run up against those exhibiting everything that you just left behind. And what's worse, you are now lonely! And confused at why you don't feel relief.


That amazing new job you were hoping would make life easier, better and more fulfilling ends up being more of the same. Dull. Frustrating. Definitely Not Inspiring! It's a new landscape of people and systems, but really it's the same. Old. Thing. You've upended your whole life... for nothing!



All those changes and disruptions you have made to make your life better haven't done enough to change those feelings and frustrations you have had for so long. Your new experiences seem almost exactly like the old ones. Why isn't it all working how it should?

But what if I told you that you weren't to blame and that you didn't need to change jobs, friends or family?!

What if you could unlock your full potential you never knew you had?


What if you  already have what you need to make your life better right now?


That all the pain and suffering has gotten you here to this moment, in all the right ways to help you  take that next step to getting what you really want? 


I have been there, cursing the world, frustrated with lack of sleep, feeling exhausted, lonely,  not having the close connections I wanted, the right job I wanted... but I realized I was going about my whole life wrong. I was believing the wrong things and operating on very old outdated tools. I now have the right tools to create greater ease and long-lasting happiness, to focus on creating my perfect future. 


And I am now on a mission to help others just like you to finally get through those obstacles that prevent you from the life you have always wanted! You want that, right?

Fighting for the Life You Know
You Deserve

When you really want something, then somehow the universe conspires to make it happen. And it did for me. BIG TIME!

I grew up experiencing a childhood trauma when I was three that set me choose the best choices I could at the time that resulted in a lot of emotional isolation and thinking a lot of negative things about myself.

I didn't get the emotional support I needed in that area from any family members, and no solutions were in sight to get me through it all other than to just "deal with it". I suffered alone despite me screaming to the rooftops. All that sadness weighed me down further and sent me down a path that resulted in a whole lot of apathy and frustration.


I felt I was always pushing that boulder up the hill in so many areas of my life; I kept trying to break free and find that ease and balance, but it simply eluded me. Despite my best efforts, trust me! 


As an adult, I finally tried traditional talk therapy to help with my nightmares and fears. It worked for a while, and it felt wonderful to have someone acknowledge me and offer some solutions. I had made some progress, to be sure. But then I reached a point where I was spinning my wheels in the sand. I was not feeling better. I remained stuck. I wasn't progressing. I just kept hearing myself talk without any further aha moments. There was finally a point where I just knew that there was no more to get out of this therapy. I encountered another dead end. Frustration set in.


So, I decided to leave my therapist. I felt a bit guilty, but why spin my wheels and waste our time and my hard earned money? I asked the universe for help. And boy did it deliver! I soon "stumbled" upon the exact solutions I needed when I was talking with a friend. His groundbreaking questions floored me and I went deeper into my experience than I ever had before: to behind the curtain of story and finally into how I was keeping my whole experience in place.


I got to the root of what I was thinking, how I was thinking it and why I was thinking it. I got to the structure of how I was creating my experience


I signed up for the classes he took the next day, plus some more that the universe delivered and a few years later, I became a Master NLP Practitioner, Family Soul Constellation Facilitator and Kahuna. I was finally started to turn my thinking and belief systems around. I could consciously shift my tracks to where I really wanted to go. 


And you know what? When my thinking changed, my experience changed.


My life began to get better and better, easier and easier, more focused, powerful and directed.


I was no longer a backseat driver to my life.


And once I found that power and understanding, there was no obstacle I couldn't now tackle and master. 


What I didn't know at the beginning of this journey, but know now, is the reason why I wasn't progressing anymore. I was stuck in the story. Every time I told the therapist my feelings, thoughts and memories, I was stuck in the emotions of it such that I would be re-traumatized. Who seriously wants to do that ad nauseam? I wanted relief but wasn't getting it.


We become the stories tell ourselves. 


🚀 Why is staying stuck in STORY a problem? 


First: It's painful. And you go through a lot of tissue boxes. 


Second: When you are stuck in story, you are not getting to what is actually holding the whole story in place: the structure and imprint.


The story is just the images connected to the emotional response  that tells us something is wrong. But the imprint is the only place where you can actually make shifts to change your future. And not only that, the story is just a replay of something that happened long ago and far away, where you made decisions and beliefs about how to think, feel and behave. 


What you survive you recreate. 


Imagine this: You can't fix a story you see on the movie screen, can you? As you know, the emotions you are experiencing are a result of seeing a projected image in front of you. If you want to change the story you are seeing and experiencing emotions from, you have to go into the projector booth, take the film reel out and work there, right? That is where the imprint is located; in the projector booth. 


Third: Good therapy, even bad therapy, is expensive. Imagine a year's worth of one session a week for more than a year. Ouch! 


So, onto a bit more history: I was so blown away by the NLP classes, I then took even more classes to round out my education. Go big or go home, right? My family has always been that way, me included. 

I found that Family Soul Constellation (FCT) classes and Huna classes deal with the more energetic side of our experiences and are a very necessary component to our experience. If we are looking for the root causes or imprints then we we have to look everywhere our consciousness could be stuck. Our pain is not all held in the brain. It's held in the mind, body and soul. 


And when it remains stuck, wherever it is (often in multiple places concurrently), it can create chronic anxiety, overwhelm, sleepless nights, fatigue, less connection with others, trouble reaching goals. But when you relieve all of those problems and update old systems, patterns and belief systems, you will be able to then shoot off to the stars and make your dreams finally happen!

Meredith Herrenbruck


Author of Becoming Ridiculously Awesome,

Who Doesn't Want That? 


I am Transformational Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Family Soul Constellation Facilitator and Kahuna of Hawaiian Spiritual Healing. 


During my career in architecture, I found my passions in NLP, FCT and Huna and slowly transitioned to doing it full time so I could help others get real solutions in ways few people can. It's both empowering and  awesome to see transformations in my clients even within the first session! 

Can you Imagine Finally Experiencing Less Anxiety and A Lot More Joy?

Imagine with me a slightly future version of you (next year, next month, or even next week) who has somehow relieved yourself of the many stresses, triggers and weight that were bringing down your energy and resourcefulness. Fully step into that future you, feel into the feet, legs, hips, arms, really looking through those eyes and breathing with those lungs. What do you notice? Perhaps, you are experiencing greater ease, focus and even confidence. Even experiencing greater calm and joy and able to meet more moments with happiness. 


Life is just easier! WOW!


Keep breathing with those lungs. You are even noticing that all the things that were stopping you from getting what you want are finally left in the past, faded as a distant memory, and no longer triggering you and dulling your experience! You are feeling expansive, totally the best version of you that you have ever experienced. You are here now, and unstoppable. 


Now, gently float out of that slightly future version of yourself and come back into where you are now. Do you like having that experience? I imagine that is something you haven't felt in a long time, if ever. But if you can experience it now, even for just a moment, what if you could experience it every day? And just feel more awesome, more often. Have friends you love and who support you. Have a job that sparks innovation and excitement for you. 


Your life has endless possibilities and no one is required to suffer and stay stuck. You do actually have choice.


And are you now past the tipping point where you make that change, that tiny little shift that will expand your whole world? And you might not yet know how expanded, but I do. Because I have done it. I've gone from complete apathy and frustration, to finally being able to navigate and make my wishes come true.


It all starts with you and a little faith. And I don't know about you, but when I find something amazing, I make sure I have strong results in a short amount of time. I have a lot of living to do and I want to get past my obstacles as fast as possible and be the best, most amazing me I can possibly be.


The only thing to do is start right now. Create one single step in that positive direction. 


Just one, and the rest will follow. Remember, the universe always says yes to everything you set forth to help you on your way.

If You Could Wave a Magic Wand and Create Something Better for Yourself, Would You?

And If You Do, Then Are You Ready
To Become Ridiculously Awesome?!?

Overview of Huna Package.png

Learn what is creating your experience with the ICEBERG video, and how to blast beyond the cycles of being stuck and frustrated.

Read Huna Ghost Stories to get to the heart of what else might be preventing you from achieving your very best.

Filled with lots of goodies, your Starter Kit, will keep you busy for hours! so you can keep your home and personal space cleared of negative energies, while you are inviting more positive ones.

Your Companion Video will guide you through your use of the Starter Kit.


This offer is jam packed with everything you need to jump start your life and get you directed to just the places you want to go. 

Here is What's Included In Your 

Awesome Package...

Iceberg Free Guide.png
Title Page.png


Do you want to blast through all of your obstacles? Do you want to finally understand how you are creating your experience and learn how to release what stops you from getting what you want?


The roots of our problems never lie in our current daily experience. They come from the past, from loss, trauma, unresolved family energies and more. Pills don't work for this! Besides, who wants to take pill to dumb down something that is trying to be understood and released? Join me as I guide you through a truly transformational journey into what keeps you stuck.

Everyone needs the right tools when they are starting out. And this amazing kit has everything you need to learn to use your intuition, keep your energy balanced. Your kit includes: a quartz crystal pendulum for asking questions (about anything!) and rebalancing your energy, one stick of palo santo for clearing rooms of negative energy, GhostBuster Aura Spray by Kate's Magik to help further clear your energy, 2 dowsing rods, 1 small bag of epsom salts for bath time to clear negative energy and restore balance in your body, a print of the Ho'o Pono Pono Prayer and a quick starter kit guide.

Life is all about balancing and mastering your energy. This starter kit is just what you need to get you started on your path!

It's great to get a bunch of cool stuff, but it's only really cool when you know how to use it! This Video will tell you all you need to master all the pieces in your Starter Kit.


Want to know the answer to any question? Want to find your keys, water or Lei Lines? Want to learn to clear energies from your own aura and room? Want to rebalance yourself after a hard day? Want to learn how to use the Ho'o Pono Pono prayer? This video gives you insider tips and more from this Kahuna, who uses these tools all the time in my work. 

Join a group of like-minded individuals for Daily Morning Mindfulness Videos, Mid-Day Videos, Live Sessions throughout the week. Receive also a Personal Workbook (PDF) to work from! Starts March 1, 2024 on Facebook.

       * Discover the Power of How Beautifully You Are                     Already Creating Your Experience

       *Uncover All That Stops You, Learn to Let them  Go!

      * Embrace your Family Histories, Unentangle Yourself            From Them.

      *Clear Attached Stuck Energies so you can be a more           awesome you!

Companion Primer Video


Energetic Starter Kit

Awesome Bonus #1

Energetic Assessment: Everyone Needs One!


No doubt you have walked into a room and felt some funky vibes, even the heebie-jeebies. Maybe you have a new personality trait or nightmares you've never had before but you don't know where you got it. Maybe you have a room that you just never seem to want to go into or enjoy. Do you really feel something? Is it a ghost or an echo from the past? Where did it come from? What is going on that you just can't see but are dying to know about? And Fix!


Take this amazing energetic assessment I use all the time with my clients, to get to the bottom of what you noticed and confirm that what you feel is real. It will also help guide you on what to do next!

Energy Assessment.png

Awesome Bonus #2

37 Ways Happy.png

37 Quick Ways to Increase Your Happiness


Happiness is fleeting, especially when you are stressed and anxious in work and at home. Let's reset it!


Have you ever needed a quick pick-me up after a fight or disappointment? Don't you want to get out of it, and move on? Sometimes, we can't do it ourselves and we need help. Use these tips and tricks to guide you out of your down mood, and even help boost someone else's! It will help reframe your mind for a few minutes and the more you use it, the more you can train your mind for more happiness. 


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, no problem. 

Just ship the box back and a refund will be sent to you. 

What would tomorrow or next week be like if you could make one thing better? Maybe even two? What would that feel like?

Imagine Your Future is One Happy Thought Away...

I honestly feel that no one deserves to feel horrible, frustrated and stuck.


And I think we create that judgement for ourselves to keep ourselves safe.

But at what cost? We end up not being happy and living life in fear and avoidance.

Do you want to keep living in that cycle or can you imagine that life could be better? That your experience can be so much happier?  Try this out and tell me that it doesn't make sense, that these tools don't work. It's been the culmination of all I have learned and is perfect for those finally bold enough to try something new, and something that finally works.

I have worked with many clients who are blown away at the results I have helped them achieve. Their sleeping has improved, peace of mind, the weight on the shoulders relieved, their digestion even improved. They are less stressed and calmer, happier, have better relationships and are more fulfilled. They are even really excited to look to their futures now, where they used to be dreading it for the longest time. 

Let this primer package open the door to your possibilities and get you excited about YOUR future!

Dream Big, Hold On Tight and Keep Your Heart Open Wide. 



Here's A Recap Of


When You Purchase Your Awesome Package!

Overview of Huna Package.png

Iceberg Video                                                    ($27 Value)

Companion Primer Video                                 ($27 Value)

Energetic Starter Kit                                          ($27 Value)

Ridiculously Awesome Videos                         ($227 Value)

Ridiculously Awesome 7 Day Course              ($697 Value)

Ridiculously Awesome Workbook                   ($47 Value)

Energetic Assessment                                       ($17 Value)

37 Quick Ways to Happiness Now                   ($17 Value)

Total Value: $1,086

For Only  $97

But today, you're getting all of this...

Imagine, feeling free of a frustrate stuck experience.

This complete and amazing package will help you finally understand what is keeping you where you are and stopping you from achieving all you want and more.

It will inspire you and give you many aha! moments and help set you on a path you never felt possible.

Your happiness is waiting. 

Don't Wait Another Minute Just Hoping For

Life To Be Better.

Make It Better. Get Started Now.

Jump On This Offer Now!

It Won't Be Here Forever.

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