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From the Desk of Meredith Herrenbruck

San Francisco, CA

Dear Friend,


Has it been a struggle to find a more positive trajectory with your life? Despite years of therapy and trying your absolute best to pursue more ease and fun? 


I have been there, looking at my life and feeling a serious void. I couldn’t help but feel stuck.


I thought I could find answers in therapy and doctors’ offices, but they only got me part of the way. Thousands of dollars later, I found myself still incomplete and simply frustrated.


Have you invested in every avenue? Does this sound familiar? 


  • Self-help seminars?

  • Doctors for persistent pains?

  • Even shamans to try to open your third eye?


Have they helped you achieve lasting change? I bet the answer is no. 


And I can tell you why they won’t


Therapists have some great tools and are useful to a point, but these tools aren’t designed to go deep enough to bring you meaningful outcomes. Lasting change can only be reached by diving straight at the root of the problem. 


That’s what I’m here to help you achieve


Our lives are a culmination of our experiences, yes. But have you ever thought of your life as an extension of the culmination of your family’s experience? And what about outside energies that influence your thoughts, feelings and actions? How are you healing those aspects?


Let me guide you through these experiences. You’ve already taken the first steps to invest in a better trajectory, and now that  you’ve begun the journey it’s time to see your way to the end. It’s not impossible. You just haven’t cleared out your past enough to be able to invite the new possibilities.  


Life is challenging, but it’s not meant to be impossible! 


If you feel that you deserve to have a better experience, that you can have a better experience, book a call with me and let’s get started.

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P.S. Come to the call prepared with discoveries you’ve made in past sessions. Let’s start with where you are and use this call to dive deep into specifically what’s left to overcome so you can live a happy & fulfilled life.

P.P.S. Since it's FREE, you have nothing to lose & everything to gain!