Why Your Years of Therapy Have Been a Waste of Time and How to Get 10X What You're Looking for in Your Life

From the Desk of Meredith Herrenbruck

San Francisco, CA

Dear Friend,

Have you ever looked at your life and, despite doing your absolute best, you still want more ease, fun and have more of a positive trajectory?


Is your life just not what you hoped it would be at this point?


I was there, looking at my life and feeling a serious void, and a whole lot of frustration. I found myself seriously stuck.


I went looking for answers in therapists and doctors, they only got me part of the way. And thousands of dollars later, I was still frustrated.


But then I finally found out where it was all coming from! Only then was I able to make positive and lasting change because of it. 


Perhaps you have gone to self-help seminars, to therapists, even doctors for persistent pains and conditions, even shamans to take ayauaska and open your third eye.


Have they worked?


Have they created real and lasting change?


Not really, I bet. Why?  


No one can help you because they are not getting to the root cause of the problem. They don’t know where the root causes are or even how to start making it better. 


If you could imagine having a life you always imagined, and it only took a few 2 hour sessions to work out the main building blocks, would you do it?


Or would you want to talk to a therapist for 50 minutes and wait a few years to have a great epiphany.  


Look, I think therapists have some great tools and are useful to a point, but if you have not been able to find lasting change where you are feeling happier, more solid in your skin, less in drama and trauma, then they are not going deep enough or doing the necessary changework to eliminate the root causes of your pain. If they were, you’d be already achieving your goals!


Our lives are a culmination of our experiences, right? But have you ever thought of your life also being a culmination of your family’s experience? And what about energies outside of you that influence your thoughts, feelings and actions? Where do you go to heal those aspects?


Life is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. It’s not meant to be impossible! 

And if it feels impossible to you, that you are constantly struggling, then you are doing it wrong. You have not cleared out your past enough to be able to invite the new possibilities.  


If you feel that you deserve to have a better experience, that you can have a better experience, book a call with me and let’s get started.



P.S. During this call we are going to dive deep into specifically what you need to live a happy & fulfilled life.

P.P.S. Since it's FREE, you have nothing to lose & everything to gain!