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My Secret Method To Changing Your Life Instantly with Transformational NLP

Have you ever noticed how often life just puts those road blocks up and says NO when you are just getting traction to finally get somewhere?


Have you ever had such negativity surrounding you by family and friends, that you finally have realized that this is not the place to be! But you don't know if there is a better option?


Have you been tossing and turning, trying to sleep, your brain spinning but never landing with a solution? Do you even have recurring nightmares that never resolve? And you even don't know where they came from?


Do you find yourself in a job that is lackluster, but you really want something better in your life where you feel alive, focused, empowered and making a difference?

Ever Felt that the Universe Just Seems to be Working Against You?

You KNOW! you are a good person, smart and hardworking but NOTHING is getting better and somehow feels worse, because you thought you would have accomplished more in life by now you can't seem to reach your goals!

You KNOW! you are a good person, smart and hardworking but NOTHING is getting better and somehow feels worse, because you thought you would have accomplished more in life by now you can't seem to reach your goals!






But what if I told you that you weren't to blame and that you didn't need to change jobs, friends, family or houses?!

What if you could unlock your full potential you never knew you had?


What if you already have what you need to make your life better right now?


That all the pain and suffering has gotten you here to this moment, in all the right ways to help you take that next step to getting what you really want? 


I have been there, cursing the world, frustrated with lack of sleep, feeling exhausted, lonely, not having the close connections I wanted, the right job I wanted...


but I realized I was going about my whole life wrong. I was believing the wrong things and operating on very old outdated tools. I now have the right tools to create greater ease and long-lasting happiness, to focus on creating my perfect future. And the transformation was faster than I could have imagined and permanent.


And I am now on a mission to help others just like you to finally get through those obstacles that prevent you from the life you have always wanted!


You want more happiness and fulfillment in your life, right?

If You Could Wave a Magic Wand and Create Something Better for Yourself, Would You?

Imagine with me a slightly future version of you (next year, next month, or even next week) who has somehow relieved yourself of the many stresses, triggers and weight that were bringing down your energy and resourcefulness. Fully step into that future you.What do you notice?


Perhaps, you are experiencing greater ease, focus and even confidence. Even experiencing greater calm and joy and able to meet more moments with happiness. Life is just easier! WOW!


Keep breathing with those lungs. You are even noticing that all the things that were stopping you from getting what you want are finally left in the past, faded as a distant memory, and no longer triggering you and dulling your experience!


You are feeling expansive, totally the best version of you that you have ever experienced. You are here now, and unstoppable. 


Now, gently float out of that slightly future version of yourself and come back into where you are now. Do you like having that experience? I imagine that is something you haven't felt in a long time, if ever.


But if you can experience it now, even for just a moment, what if you could experience it every day? And just feel more awesome, more often. Have friends you love and who support you. Have a job that sparks innovation and excitement for you. 


Your life has endless possibilities and no one is required to suffer and stay stuck. You do actually have choice.


And you might not yet know how expanded, but I do. Because I have done it. I've gone from complete apathy and frustration, to finally being able to navigate and make my wishes come true. Every Day.


It all starts with you and a little faith. And I don't know about you, but when I find something amazing, I make sure I have strong results in a short amount of time. I have a lot of living to do and I want to get past my obstacles as fast as possible and be the best, most amazing me I can possibly be.


The only thing to do is start right now. Create one single step in that positive direction. 


Just one, and the rest will follow. Remember, the universe always says yes to everything you set forth to help you on your way.

And If You Do, Then Are You Ready

To Become Ridiculously Awesome?!?

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Here is What's Included In Your 

Awesome Package...

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Imagine jumping right in to finally finding the root cause to your anxieties, stresses, triggers, phobias... all that stops you from living the life you have always wanted. 

Each session is 1x a month on Zoom for up to TWO hours. Why are they spaced apart this way?


Your brain needs to integrate the shifts. Once it does, you don't even have to think! about being more at ease and relaxed and focused. You just are already being that new way. Remember, the first session is FREE.

Do you want to blast through all of your obstacles? Do you want to finally understand how you are creating your experience and learn how to release what stops you from getting what you want?


The roots of our problems never lie in our current daily experience. They come from the past, from loss, trauma, unresolved family energies and more. Pills don't work for this! Besides, who wants to take pill to dumb down something that is trying to be understood and released? Join me as I guide you through a truly transformational journey into what keeps you stuck.

Do ghosts exist? Yes. Do they attach to us, objects and places? All the time! And it can become a big problem, as I'm sure you can imagine. Read about how a little girl was frightened of her room, for four years! After clearing the room? You'll have to read what happens. It's amazing. It's why I keep doing my work. 


My ebook about seven personal experiences as a Huna, clearing homes of ghosts and entities. Meet the amazing ghosts I have encountered, all true stories. All real. This might even jog your memory of an "odd" incident or feeling you have had in the past and give you a new perspective...

Everyone needs the right tools when they are starting out. And this amazing kit has everything you need to learn to use your intuition, keep your energy balanced. Your kit includes: a quartz crystal pendulum for asking questions (about anything!) and rebalancing your energy, one stick of palo santo for clearing rooms of negative energy, GhostBuster Aura Spray by Kate's Magik to help further clear your energy, 1 dowsing rod, 1 small bag of epsom salts for bath time to clear negative energy and restore balance in your body, a print of the Ho'o Pono Pono Prayer and a quick starter kit guide.

Life is all about balancing and mastering your energy. This starter kit is just what you need to get you started on your path!

It's great to get a bunch of cool stuff, but it's only really cool when you know how to use it! This Video will tell you all you need to master all the pieces in your Starter Kit.


Want to know the answer to any question? Want to find your keys, water or Lei Lines? Want to learn to clear energies from your own aura and room? Want to rebalance yourself after a hard day? Want to learn how to use the Ho'o Pono Pono prayer? This video gives you insider tips and more from this Kahuna, who uses these tools all the time in my work. 

Join a group of like-minded individuals for Daily Morning Mindfulness Videos, Mid-Day Videos, Live Sessions throughout the week. Receive also a Personal Workbook (PDF) to work from! Starts April 1, 2021 on Facebook.

       * Discover the Power of How Beautifully You Are                     Creating Your Experience

       *Uncover All That Stops You, Learn to Let them  Go!

      * Embrace your Family Histories, Unentangle Yourself            From Them.

      *Clear Attached Stuck Energies so you can be a more           awesome you!

4 Transformational Sessions

Huna Ghost Stories

Huna Starter Kit

Companion Primer Video

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7 Day Happiness Refresh

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