What would you like?
Enjoy HAVING better connections
BUILDING the life you now want
Experiencing greater SUCCESS!
Noticing HAPPINESS where you are 


With compassion, understanding and laser-like focus, I help you uncover what has long since troubled you and help you release it. In even the first session my clients have felt a huge shift mentally and emotionally and experience a significant change in their lives within the first few days. Why? Because they are changed, for the better. You are the one who does all the work, I just help point the way to your greater you, the one you have been hiding all along.

Dream big, hold on tight and keep your heart open wide...

An invitation awaits you, to finally experience greater ease and happiness in your life.  Get unstuck from what has pained you for a long time, what no one has been able to fix. I have been there, too, and I want to share with you some amazing tools to create greater balance and happiness. Your first step? Believe that it CAN be better. I will show you how. It is easier than you think.


From phobias, chronic illness, stuck patterns in your personal or professional life, traumas, persistent grief, lackluster love life and wealth, allow the effective tools of NLP, Family Soul Constellations and Huna Healings to help you let go of your frustrations and the past and embrace your greater possibilities.

You have braved the world in all the ways you have and gotten to this point, (well done!) but now may need guidance to get you to the next step. We begin each session by me asking simple non-leading questions to find the root cause of why and how you are stuck. When look forward into the future to see what your perfect version looks like and then we go back in time to find out what stops you. We gently untangle the old beliefs and structures that were keeping you stuck and then your system does the rest! 

If you could have anything in the world, what would you like?




About Meredith

Do you know what symbolizes transformation? Dragonflies. My favorite insect and that's my greatest passion. Transformation and empowerment. I have had to transform myself through my own childhood trauma and outdated belief systems. I want others to experience that, too, greater ease and happiness. It is no fun being stuck and frustrated. I have found great tools that helped me and I want to share them with you to help you get through to a better place.


Dream big, hold on tight, and keep your heart open wide!


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